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Apple fanbois are officially sheeple. Yes, you heard. Deal with it

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I think that wisdom, and tolerance, come with age (mind you, I would think that). When I was young, I couldn't understand why anyone would support anything other than 'my team'. I'd be riled, indignant, huffy and argumentative with anyone who didn't see matters my way. I'd be bloody rude too.

When I got older, and more mature, I realised that just because something works well for me it might not work well for everyone. I learned to appreciate other people's point of view. iOS, for example, works very well for me, Windows Phone (RIP) looked nice, and Android isn't really my thing (which is to say it looks really nice, and I understand why people like it, but it doesn't work for me).

So yes, there are Apple 'sheeple' whose feelings are hurt when you criticise their preferred platform. But why would you want to hurt their feelings? Insecurity? A niggling fear that they might be right and you wrong? Or the cruelty and immaturity of not being able to live and let live. Similarly, there are people whose feelings are hurt when Linux, Android or Windows are criticised - sheeple for a different brand. It's worth bearing in mind - and then using the knowledge to treat them a little more gently, if nothing more but for fear of wearing your own insecurities on your sleeve.

I still get riled by some things of course (people who criticise the platform they see as their 'enemy' without giving it a good shake down first, people who buy something for reasons of fashion rather than anything else, Donald Trump), but I usually manage to keep mum and my opinion to myself.

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