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Better - only one item to juggle using a non-iPhone with an oversized battery fitted; and I bet it didn't cost $99, either. I quite accept the fact that I am one of the sheeple, but that is my choice and I can afford it, so who cares? Your point about (I assume) maps, though: if you can use a map and compass to navigate securely in wind and rain and (particularly) dark and/or fog, and be supremely confident about where you are at all times, you're a much better orienteer-person than me. You'll still be juggling three things at minimum, though - just one for me. I spent a large chunk of my youth as a scout, learning how to do it the other way, and I don't miss it at all. I'm sure there's a proto-European looking down at us, feeling smug about his/her ability to find their way out of Africa without maps or compasses, too. pxd

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