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BigJohn posts on here occasionally.

His right wing rapid utter crap is always nonsense. He normally posts something with a slight tinge of doubt to it and then he takes that point and stretches it into right wing shite. So he'll take an email server issue and make it into the worlds worst crime. It' always noticeable that he has no sense of irony (well he pretends to be American) that just about everything he says is applicable to the Nazis (yep I invoked Goodwins Law first, I lose) currently in the White House. It is quite amusing that everything he accuses the Democrats of, the Republicans did first and did 10x worse.

I have often thought he was a bot that is designed purely for right wing trolling. It may well be, if it isn't a bot, he's a prime example of a racist, bigoted, redneck with low intelligence. I wish I knew who he was so I could forbid my daughters from ever having anything to do with him.

For the UK readers, imagine a Katie Hopkins (though to be fair he/it writes better than her) but with an American slant.

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