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Be sure and make some outrageous claims about how awful this has been on you personally, because in the end that's all you will have, as there was no wrong doing. No crimes committed. Just a lot of hot air from some other asshole politicians about one of their own, doing what another of their own told them was okay to do. The Republican token-black man General Colon Powel told Mrs. Clinton to setup the email server that way. Face it, your complaint is a weak assault of an action you already find reasonable, as long as it's a Republican doing government business using outside email services. Like president Furby Toupee does each day. Yet, THIS you have a problem with? What a dolt you are. But, leave it to the US Tories to beat a dead horse and claim it tried to kick them. Tell us, has anything NEW happened, or is this more of the same recycled garbage from your heroes in red ties? AKA conservative jerkoffs. I think bringing up old horseshit is the only "new" trick they have. Crooks complaining about the alleged crimes of other crooks. Colour me uninterested. Colour you busted.

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