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Ewe, get a womb! Docs grow baby lambs in shrink-wrap plastic bags

John Smith 19 Gold badge

And it's only taken 52 years.

There's a Life magazine cover from 1965 showing a picture of an "artificial womb" with a small fetus inside it (not sure if it was staged or real).

Like deep brain implants this seems to have been one of those technologies that the scientists of the time felt was somehow unacceptable to society and put on the shelf.

It's exciting to see people pursuing this once again.

Obvious SF reference would be JM Bujolds novel "Barryar, " although I doubt they've gotten round to considering the ability to apply in vitro treatments to the fetus that could be lethal to the Mother.

But WTF "1% of all US born babies are premature and the % has risen over the last 2-3 decades"

How does US compare with other countries?

Something is seriously f**king wrong.

Looks like a vacuum packed package to me.

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