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All was going well until this

IE is Microsoft’s window onto their ever-growing cloud application suite.

Nope, not going there. No way, no how. I took early retirement just so that I can consign using anything made, sorry crippled by MS to the waste bin of history.

No more going to the carefully save URL on the sharepoint server only to get '404 page not found'.

Yep, i saved the link correctly as my screenshot showed. Report problem to IT Support. Ever heard one of those endless cheeful Indian 1st Level Support people groan? This used to happen so much that my department setup its own Git repo for everything. We stll put stuff into Sharepoint but we never ever went there to look for it.

Sorry, El Reg, I have better things to do with my life now than fight the MS Lunacy that gets released to the unsuspecting world.

Thank god they don't release IE/Edge for Linux or MacOS. There is a haven of safely there for us who are done with MS.

If anyone from MS is reading this,... don't you dare release your shite browsers on the above platforms. You will get so much stick that any bad news you may have read about W10 was a mere ripple when compared to the shitestorm that will come your way.

I'll carry on using Firefox (ESR stream) and Safari for the odd times that FF gets it knickers in a twist.

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