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Ewe, get a womb! Docs grow baby lambs in shrink-wrap plastic bags


People saying this looks disturbing sure it may do but firstly its a prototype and secondly if you took out a womb with an infant inside then how do you think it would look.

If this was to ever develop into a used treatment they would make all efforts to make it look better (as much as is possible anyway).

The thing I am concerned with is not the technology but its the application of it. It can be used to save babies lives one of the most noble of uses you could get. I could also see this being used to turn humans into nothing more than products to be grown to order. Sci-fi often touched on this like in space above and beyond where humans were grown to fill a labour gap. So basically were grown to be slaves and were of lesser standing than normal humans.

Now this is an extream example possibly but if this tech exists its not impossible and do we really have faith that it will never be abused?

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