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@ Phil O'Sophical

Thanks for that information, I thought it was something like that, did not want to write "tilted". Annoying because it was always unclear who did it and why. For some reason silly stuff like that stays in your memory.

A similarly silly "shutdown" I remember is when we as a team were sold to an other company, software and all. In my room I had a PC and a SCO Unix tower on the floor, used by me and some other people. And then I had some minor hardware related problem and decided to find out about the technical department in that company (a large one). In comes a young girl, points to the Unix box, and I nodded. She then switches it off just like that.

I look at her rather perplexed and tell her that it's not the way to shutdown Unix and that there are a few more users and some databases running too. She says, sorry I thought it was Windows. Silly memories indeed.

PS. How long will people have religious feelings about the different shells and flavours of *nix", not to mention languages. They are tools, invented by us, like our Gods. I used what ever I was payed to use but at home it's Linux.

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