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IIS has always had a far better security record than LAMP stacks,

You'd be a comedian if your deluded trash wasn't on such a serious topic.

Why is it that IIS gets most of the hacks despite being least used? Can't claim something is more secure when it is less widespread but most broken.

How much do they pay you to spread this crap? And how do you go to sleep at night knowing that every time someone takes your advice they're putting their livelihood, and their customer's data at risk? Or are you trying to drum up business for yourself knowing that once people get sick of how broken and insecure MS crap is, you can drop in and sell them a nice secure LAMP system? Or perhaps something based on BSD?

Compared to MS, a house with no windows or doors in the worst neighbourhood is quite secure. (Must be, it has no windows! .. Yeah yeah, I'm outta here... )

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