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Northrop Grumman can make a stealth bomber – but can't protect its workers' W-2 tax forms



Threaten to publish names associated with salaries-- the execs would surely pay 200-300 bitcoin to avoid a fate this heinous. Plus, you can still rip off the employees' taxes, that is not part of the deal; the employees are handed the pitiful sop of a few years of credit reporting.

Most companies try desperately to keep salaries a deep dark secret-- that guy dozing in the cube next to you could be making 30% more than you just pushing a few papers around occasionally. How much is avoiding expensive pay scale riots in the drone cube farm worth to the CEO? Or worse, civil war in the middle management ranks when the hypercompetitive wankers discover who is the mightiest wanker of them all (and it probably isn't the one in the mirror).

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