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eBay denies claims it's failing to thwart 'systematic fraud'

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Another similar scam.

If a seller mis-describes an item and posts it out to you, when you open it and discover it isn't "new" or whatever the false description is you start a case.

The seller agrees for you to send it back and refund you. What you may not realise is you have a countdown now started from the day you opened the case. All it takes is the seller to not collect the parcel from the delivery office for a while and a delay sending the refund to you due to being away on holiday or on business etc. Before you know it you have missed the 30 day deadline and despite you sending the goods back, despite e-bay/paypal having the tracking details and knowing that you have not been refunded they close the case and will not re-open it.

You lose your money and the goods that have been returned, a bit more delay by the seller saying that he sent the money and is trying to sort it out with e-bay and you lose the ability to leave feedback.

My advice, keep updating the case, flag it to e-bay as soon as initial delays in picking up your returned goods or getting a refund. Give the seller a strict deadline to refund if they make excuses.

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