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Re: Allowing 'gaming' of the system has indirect costs as well

Every corporation these days cares only about total revenue - if either direct losses (like this one) or lost sales stay at the "background noise" level they just don't care; it doesn't even matter whether they could do something about it or not. Some of their customers may well get their souls stolen for all they care - as long as that doesn't cause a major financial loss, that's perfectly fine by them. The key being that no matter how disgruntled a (relatively) small number of customers get, no matter how radically they stop subscribing and convince their friends to do so, IT. WILL. NEVER. MATTER. Numbers: they eat the individual customer alive.

The corps know full well the "but if everybody..." disaster-scenarios never ultimately materialize, regardless of how many people get pissed how badly - any number, small or large gets drowned out by the indifferent masses who carry on as usual. The only way any scam could get their attention is either by major financial losses or by truly endemic-scale public impact - neither being the case here, with a predictable outcome: nothing happens.

Putting it differently, in this universe there never was any other possible outcome for this situation. "Megacorp cracks down hard on issue affecting only some of its customers" is a headline from some parallel reality, not this one...

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