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Never had much market share?

In the 1980s, SunOS (later rebranded Solaris) was the leading playground for innovation. The birthplace of all the fundamentals of the 'net as we know it today!

I believe it was Sun attempting to ape Microsoft and package itself for the Suits (corresponding with Solaris 2 at the beginning of the '90s) that kickstarted the rise of Linux. Sun's old (1980s) C compiler was total crap, but served at least to bootstrap a gcc install[1]. When they unbundled that, everyone who had been doing interesting things was suddenly beholden to their PHBs, and had to justify installing a supported compiler. So we had to look elsewhere, and that was the nascent Linux community.

[1] By the grey hairs in my beard, I remember that. Leave gcc building overnight. In the morning, look at where it crashed out, fix it. Restart the build over the next night. Repeat until gcc is usable, albeit with vast amounts of gaffer tape. Then use gcc itself to build a proper gcc, with a much more manageable number of improvised hacks.

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