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Hardly a surprise in comments on the web, but another post that's ignorant of the facts and unfamiliar with the subject matter.

Sun temporarily suspended Solaris 9 for x86, but reinstated it due to customer demand.

At least with Solaris on x86 you have a decent OS on top of your dubious hardware.

And actually, illumos is a world-class system. Anybody not using ZFS clearly doesn't care about their data. Zones is virtualization done right. There's network virtualization, SMF, FMA, Dtrace, KVM, LX emulation.

Those things have benefited other platfoms too. FreeBSD have directly inherited ZFS and Dtrace; Linux has spent years ripping off features from Solaris and illumos. It makes you wonder where they'll go once there are no more features from Solaris to plunder?

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