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We need some high profile actions (probably both legal and moral -- including a few boycotts) to demonstrate to (mainly US) corporations that Terms of Service are a two-way street. I have terms of service for suppliers of services to me, and they are just as important as the ones they have for their customers.

If the population is willing to vote for someone like Trump on the basis of promises that are in no way credible when you look at the actual facts, what makes you think the public will even realise they're taken for a ride (umm, wait, it's Uber, try "deceived"), let alone act en masse?

The world is divided into people who use Uber and thus are quite happy to take advantage of the fact that it breaks any laws it comes across and abuses drivers (we won't mention decency, it's a US company), and people who do not use it for that exact reason and want to have it cleaned up or even closed. My hope is that it burns so fast through its cash reserves it will not just leave the investors with a smoking hole in the ground, but also prevent the f*ckwit running it from ever receiving a dime again for an idea.

Unfortunately, the way the world is going he'll probably get a job with either Trump or Wall Street instead as he'd fit right in.

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