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"The reality is the binary logs are there so they can be journaled, indexed, tamper resistent, searchable and all the rest. Things that administrators want or should want. It doesn't even stop you extracting the journal as text. It does allow you to tell if somebody has deleted lines from your journal. It does allow you to efficiently search between two date ranges on a particular event."

EVERYTHING you describe can be done with an all-text journal.

The kernel log can be timestamp and is frequently already timestamped.

If you really need indexing, you can generate an external file. I know video editors that use this technique for interframe videos.

You don't need a binary format to create a blockchain as they tend to be format-agnostic.

And logs are already searchable. Since most log searches are textual in nature, a simple linear search remains the most practical. A text log is easier to perform a textual linear search.

Now tell me how you extract a text journal from a crashed drive when it was housing your only systemd-based system? As Spike Milligan put it, it's like trying to open a box with the crowbar you will find inside.

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