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Northrop Grumman can make a stealth bomber – but can't protect its workers' W-2 tax forms

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I agree, then after they take their fee, the "class" will get a nice fat $.18 check and not much will have changed. Or, suppose they get some traction and make a good case, then a quick 18 hole golf engagement with the tax-evading, snake-oil president will clear the company of any wrong doing... so long as they do not score a better game than The Don. My advice; cut your losses, self-incorporate, then stick it to the man... the tax man. The tax man is the enemy of the current administration, yet that same administration is is charge of running the IRS. So, where is my middle class tax break again? Oh yeah, that's far back in line, well after the crooked president, his cronies, his family, his cronies families, their businesses, all their business and then some take their cut, and we'll pick through the bones that are left... or, like I said, become a corporation and fleece the government while they still have something valuable left to take! Stop being a victim of the tax man, and take a bite out of his sorry ass for once in your god damn life, people.

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