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Back on my own machine. V7x86 partition fired up.

/etc/init is a binary that is run from inside main.c, and it is crafted as process 1 (the source refers to process 0 as being the scheduler, and is just a loop that sleeps on a timer interrupt, and presumably inspects the process table to schedule the other processes).

The source for the Edition 7 init is very simple. It handles single and multi-user modes, and runs /etc/rc, and also handles respawning the getty processes (controlled by the entries in /etc/ttys) as they are used by users logging on and off. It's written as an infinite loop with a wait in it. The wait will return every time a process terminates. It then puts a record in utmp, and if the process was a getty or whatever getty exec'd, it respawns the getty.

Other than that, it does very little. The processes that run at boot are actually started by the /etc/rc script, and that is a simple top-to- bottom script that mounts the other filesystems, starts cron and the update process that periodically.

So much more simple that the SysVinit that implements inittab. I don't have access to any Bell Labs or AT&T source later than Edition 7, although I guess I could look at BSD, but that may not give any insight to when the full-blown SysVinit appeared.

I believe that the Edition 8 source may now be at TUHS (at I must check it out, although this is only related to SysV through the common ancestor of Edition 7.

BTW, Correction to my previous post. Lions is spelt Lions, not Lyons.

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