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It's not infighting

It's loosing the respect of large projects. The whole point of unixoid operating systems is that they avoid large projects. The largest single project in the GNU/Linux environment, for example is the Linux kernel, and that's heavily guarded. It has to be, because even innocent mistakes can easily corrupt the system. Other projects are usually small and compact with well defined scopes. (Though many GNU projects have broadened those scopes a lot in recent years.)

The idea is that the effort you need to put into software goes up exponentially when you add more lines of code. A 10k project is _much_more_ than 10 times as hard to write and maintain than a 1k project.

The problem we have now is that there is a surplus of people who want to work in "Open Source". Those people want to write code for projects to have something for their resume. Helping on an existing project is easier than starting your own, and huge projects, like systemd, need lots of work. That's why they attract lots of learners and integrate their code. Code written by people in their early years usually sucks. In the past, that code would have gotten into shareware software and would have been erased by the bit rot of the Internet. Now those bad lines of code and those bad design decisions end up in actual Open Source projects which are stored for all eternity on Github.

The result are bugs like this:

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