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I would have been quite happy with systemd on my desktop if it didn't break stuff. Servers are a different matter. For instance on my Desktop I use Mint, on servers it is mostly Debian or Centos.

So I am not tied to any particular distro. I have no principled view on what should be used or how it should work. I am not adverse to change.

My problems with systemd started when my desktop stopped booting into a consistent state. Tracking down the problem was hard because of binary logging, having to futz about to get normal logging working was just an inconvenience. However the fact that I was having to problem solve a boot process for the first time ever was shocking for me. I have never in the last 20 years had to problem solve the boot process in linux. That is my problem with systemd. It is not just an init system, it has it's hooks into other stuff and creates dependencies that weren't there before.

If systemd had simply worked like the old init system did and hadn't created any problems for me I wouldn't be posting here.

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