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systemd-free Devuan Linux hits version 1.0.0


I was neutral about SystemD to start with. But then I started hitting issues with it that I never had with previous init systems. Logging is one issue, and the fact it has it's fingers in way too many other areas bothers me. But stability has taken a nose dive as well now. I never had this many inconsistent boots under the old system. I am so fed up with it now I am considering moving across to a non systemd OS.

I am fortunate that in my work I deal with pretty much all the major distributions so moving from a deb to an rpm or even a pacman based distro is no hardship at all. The one that is probably going to get my attention though is arch linux with openRC. To avoid issues in future on my desktop I will also probably move to one of the lightweight Desktops such as Xfce... It does feel like a step back a little but I would rather have stable than pretty...

For me an OS is a tool that lets me get my work done nothing more. I am not religious about it at..

I had even considered moving across to one of the BSDs. Under systemd it is not quite as bad as under Windows but boy is it heading in that direction.

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