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The people who downvoted you and, assuredly, will probably downvote me as well, do so without a scrap of knowledge about the actual businesses that involve the use of 3D CAD software; they do so simply out of hair-trigger reaction to anything that says "Linux can't do this".

Go ahead, folks, actually research and learn before you downvote something. Entire industries use 3D CAD systems, some with specialized plugins...that are Windows only.

Go take a look at production - that is, not hobbyist but actual pro-grade - equipment. Go ahead, we can wait here. In 3D printers, milling machines and laser design, you may want to start with:







and industry-specific CAD plugins and software, try out

- The entire Siemens CAD suite,, using specs from



and I could go on and on...

RUN ONLY ON WINDOWS. End of story.

So to say "Oh, look, you can run BricsCAD on Linux" is very much saying, "Oh, look, I can make a CAD mesh and file that I can't do anything else with!"

It is NOT what the rest of the CAD industry is using. That makes it, fundamentally...useless. You don't want to hear that but that's hard-core, irrevocable truth. Every 3D printer in my office (three printers from 3 different companies, plus a 3D milling machine), every piece of product specific software that is required to operate and interface to those devices, every driver for those devices and every piece of industry-specific CAD software used to create files for those devices runs on Windows. Period.

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