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It's ironic that Team Trump refer to liberals as snowflakes when it's Donald blowing up on Twitter whenever he doesn't get his own way.

No. A "snowflake" is slang for someone who means well, but is naive and/or very inexperienced. I'm a Kennedy Liberal and I'm not a snowflake.

An example of a snowflake is someone who thinks if there are starving people in a country that just sending them food solves the problem. That's well-meaning, but false. Sending a country free food to feed starving people creates more starving people. That's because the influx of free food drives down market prices of food, which depresses the economy, which drives up unemployment, which creates more hungry people.

A snowflake thinks that people who come to the USA illegally are well-meaning families that want to eat. For the vast majority of them, that's not true. Anyone who can get into the USA legally, can do that. Many illegals are people that don't pass the border checks, so they some to the USA illegally. My personal experience with illegals in the USA have all been criminals - one lawsuit and one court case, in both cases illegals taking advantage of technicalities that hurt U.S. citizens and benefit themselves. I sat on a jury trial where a woman here illegally tried to avoid deportation by making false claims of rape, which got her a temporary green card. She had been doing this for years, and never tried to become a U.S. citizen. We the jury found out women here illegally do this all the time. There are other legal loopholes illegals take advantage of that hurt U.S. citizens, meanwhile they have no intention of becoming U.S. citizens because the loopholes give them benefits.

Sanctuary cities are where illegals are basically used as slave labor, paid sub-minimum wage, taking jobs away from lower- to middle-class people. This is why sanctuary city governments don't want these illegals to become citizens, once they are citizens they can operate above-board and have the protection of the law.

A snowflake is someone who draws naive conclusions about people they have never met.

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