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The land of the ....?

Frankly the USA is as bad as the UK. Both are considerably worse than the supposedly diabolical regimes in Russia and its satelites. More spying on the citizens of USA and UK than the Stasi, KGB et al managed on theirs... far far more.

It is nothing short of a disgrace.

And then to blame terrorism is so far from believable it might as well be the far side of the sum. How many attacks? Nearer zero than makes no odds, and no its not due to some impressive performance by the security services it is because of a lack of threat, TBH acts COULD be done without alerting anyone but they aren't, whole targets are ignored for decades at a time, not believable if there were a real threat.

And anyway, the USA is in large part to blame for most of the few issues there are, funding the IRA for decades, funding BinLaden etc etc etc and providing training - very often with the help of the British government not to mention the unconditional support of Israel even when it is doing wrong (which is not all the time folks).

TBH readers should read 1984, it explains it all. Unable to create a good honest reason for the imbalance of wealth, unable to provide jobs for people the politicians are turning to the oldest tricks in the book, blame outsiders, back the blame up with measures and incidentally use those to control any one stupid enough to point out the fraud the leaders are committing.

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