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"If this doesn't drive some people to Linux, I don't know what will"

Why are we still talking about been 'driven to Linux',.

Linux is a real and perfectly acceptable (and time saving) alternative for a lot of use cases. Take off those rose tinted glasses and stare a bit harder at the Microsoft deceitful practices been used against you.

18+ Hours of deceitful broken "Checking for Updates" on Windows 7 which "just happened to get a fix" after the 12 months of Windows 10 GWX "take a card, take any card, but fcuking take one" trickster opportunism.

How was this done?

Prioritising bandwidth to Windows 10 updates over Windows 7 updates, in terms of bandwidth allocation from Microsoft Cloud facilties.

Breaking Windows 7 updates on rolled back (from Win10) / restored images / new installs of Windows 7 SP1.

Back peddling telemetry into Windows 7, to take away its Privacy advantages.

Generally, just making life hell and miserable as possible for those determined to stick with Windows 7. This was no "mistake".

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