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Anyone else watched late night/v.early morning commercial TV?

I wouldn't know. Here in NZ most channels (no doubt including paid Sky ones) go to 100% advertising shortly after midnight.

Whose the 'tard who thinks that people coming home from a late shift, or waking up to tend to hungry/upset etc kids want to watch endless advertising? And who are the people who make this "worthwhile" (as in someone makes the decision that showing this crud for a solid 8hours is good value - who and why? I'd love to teach them something about "values"...)

Aside from lotto and the TAB, I don't think we have much advertised gambling these days (ie only the state is allowed to promote stupidity taxgambling, often under the guise of "See how much we donate to charity! Put your money into us instead of into your kids, get a 1 in 3,000,000 chance of getting this weeks money back so your kids don't have to go hungry!").

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