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Siber Sekurytie!

Giuliani warned that "I have no idea what I'm doing. So, I'm in good company in this administration. Furthermore, I know about security. I cheated on my wife, sometimes right in front of her, and got clean away, so trust me, I know about security. Siber? Yeah, that's what I do now, at least that's what my personal assistant told me earlier."

The administration further mentioned some new policy decisions designed to get right to the bottom of all cyber security issues; "We're hiring a licensed Soothseer/Seeker to search for evil sibor-doers, and a team of highly trained divining rod searcher guys that can find hackers dudes using specially designed "searchy sticks." There's also a guy who says he's a wizard, can't be bad, and another team this one made entirely of raccoons, and you KNOW those little dudes are more cleverer than hackers and whatnot. We are ready for anything! Including hostile alien invasion where the aliens might have a suitable USB 2.0 upload port for us to download our Stuxnorb virus. We are on target to hit those hacker aliens right in the bulls-eye, and then those dominoes are gonna fall like a house of cards. Checkmate."

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