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Actually I find the pledge breaks more annoying on PBS stations than the "Major funding for this programme..." bits. I'm frequently in the US when WGBH have their pledge season and hate where they'll spend 5-10 mins telling me how I can support the station with a donation. I wouldn't be so annoyed if it wasn't for the presenters telling me that the current programme is funded by my donation. Well actually that programme is made by the BBC and I've paid for it with my licence fee thank you very much.

I was working on a laptop years ago that was going to be installed on a yacht and if it wasn't a Toughbook then it had some fancy custom designed case that helped prevent the sea air from damaging things inside. They were going to use it to get their email on board and had to do this via satellite connection when out of reach of land based networks. I had installed Firefox as requested and asked if they wanted me to modify the hosts file and install Adblock Plus to help cut down the advertising. The wife said "What do you mean by that?" so I patiently explained and she said "Yes do all of that it sounds brilliant".

I said if they collected their email using a dedicated mail program as opposed to doing it through a browser and webmail they'd save even more bandwidth. That again took a bit of explanation but this was waved through enthusiastically. She then phoned her husband and said that the satellite bill might come down a bit. Turned out that they were spending a fortune on using satellite and this (despite having a ton of money) was unpopular. The crew were not allowed to use the satellite connection for personal mail or calls and they had to wait until they saw land.

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