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"I can live with ads, things need to be paid for in one form or another."

*Some* things need to be paid for 'one way or another' - it doesn't necessarily have to be with Ads though.

I don't use ad-blockers (mostly because I am using a work's machine) but if I ever go to a site that offends my eyeballs I never go there again.

I am therefore perfectly happy for these type of offensive websites to be starved of funds and removed the the interwebs because I'm losing precisely nothing.

I don't know how much El Reg gets for it's advertising, and I don't know how much it costs to run the place, but there must be ways of introducing an 'ad policy' for your website - even if it means losing some advertisers. Good quality ones will come along and not get barred, they will be tasteful and will probably be made better than the splatter-cast crap we see now.

On a site like El-Reg, this will probably end up as the 'high end' of the advertising model - lots of technical (and touchy) people, if they accept it they'll stop blocking and be more likely to see your advert.

There is nothing wrong with setting the bar high and accepting that it will take a while to fill the ad space to capacity. Once you've achieved that status, it's all gravy.

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