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Er, yeah, OK.

Let's think about that. My current tool set is:

Freescale codewarrior.

Lattice Diamond.

Green Hills Multi

Cypress PSoC creator.

Cadence ORCAD / Allegro.

Texas Instruments BQ Eval, Battery management studio & TINA.

IDT Timing commander

Xgig Analyser

Eagle & KiCAD.

GreenPAK designer


etc. etc.

I don't use an OS, I use the tools that run on the OS. I give not a poop about the OS itself, provided it is functional and stable.

I'm a hardware designer. I'm using tools developed by chip vendors to allow me to poke around inside their chips. The tools are generally ONLY written for Windows, because that's what everyone has.

I *could* run Windows in a VM under Linux. But I would spend my entire day in the VM. The Linux layer wouldn't add much to my experience. The VM is an unwanted extra layer of complication.

I don't condone or even like what Microsoft are doing. The truth is I hate the direction they are taking their company. I want to buy software, not rent it. And they can copulate freely with themselves if they think I'm going to voluntarily sign up for W10's snooping.

So I'm on W7 and will remain so. When I need new hardware, I guess I'll the only option will be W7 under a VM, it's not something I'd want. It's just the least unpalatable option.

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