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Will the MOAB (Mother Of all AdBlockers) finally kill advertising?

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Hammer. Nail. In.

It's the intrusive and annoying ads that I block. The rest are collateral damage.

Ads in the text are fine. Static ads with no pictures are great. Small pictures (bandwith-small) are not so bad. Moving or flashing or whatever that cannot be stopped ads? No.

As to blocking, well lets see if they can block this.

I just finished spending a bit of time helping my Uncle get to grips with his new Linux install. Thankfully we're both on 2degrees so the call didn't cost me anything, and I had just brought some data from The Warehouse so I had some to spare. I was able to use Teamviewer to connect to his machine (which we'd installed while he was visiting recently) and spent a little while with that and a while with SSH to get some things installed that he wanted, and convert/configure some other things to get him to rights. He's now enjoying Linux Mint on his machine, has found that Libre Office is visually far superior to MS office, without the horrid "ribbon" cluttering the view (and the mind), and is now enjoying being able to watch Youtube movies again without the MS st-st-st-st-st-st-stutter.

Lemme see. 2 telcos, an OS, and a few bits of software all in what many would see as an "opinion piece" rather than what it should correctly be called, "marketing". A tool that can block stuff like that when I want it blocked could be nice. A tool that blocks all flashing stuff without blocking all images (or at worst stops them after one complete play though) is also nice. But turning off pics helps, saving both on bandwidth and mindbleach.

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