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Darren Sandford

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"We are aware that a number of known associates of the former Managing Director Paul Andrews and his business partner Darren Melbourne have been in touch with another fake "news story". Yet again, The Register is simply being used by Mr Andrews and Mr Melbourne in another attempt to damage a great project. Former Managing Director Mr Andrews was responsible for contracting all of the rights owners in relation to the Vega on - page 53 of "Creating the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega" - Published by Andrews UK and Co-Authored by RCL's former MD, Paul Andrews states "I negotiated the necessary IP agreements with the various patent holders and licensors that would allow us to create and market the product" . The current management has spent a huge amount of time dealing with nearly 300 rights owners to establish legal ownership of a number of games and we have removed a number of games accordingly. These include the titles claimed by Mr Greengrass and Mr Cale, both known associates of the former MD Paul Andrews and his business partner Darren Melbourne.

Furthermore, Mr Andrews is providing ongoing support to Cornerstone Media International Limited (now in liquidation )and owner/sole director Nicholas Cooper who diverted and received funds belonging to Retro Computers Limited. This money was unlawfully diverted by Cooper outside of the scope of Cornerstone Media Internationals contract and in the process depriving Rights Owners and our chosen charity of income that would have been payable by RCL on receipt of those funds. Mr Andrews has tried to stop the current management from recovering this money from Mr Cooper. Due to ongoing legal action, we cannot comment further at this time. “

Dr David Levy 18.4.17

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