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Not always

There seems to be a correlation between large planets in close orbits, and fewer flares.

My estimates suggest that in fact the presence of interacting gravitational and magnetic fields causes the solar turbulence to be different and results in lots of small less harmful flares sort of like how the Moon prevents serious seismic activity.

Also a sufficiently powerful geomagnetic field might make all the difference, the field from a "Super-Earth" might *just* be enough to permit complex life.

Life will find a way. (Jeff Goldblum)

I did wonder about whether intelligence might have evolved there, 200MYa Earth was very different so the possibility of complex non-mammalian life is feasible.

They really might be small, grey and smart with chromatophores to give them natural cloaking abilities, large eyes adapted to the increased infrared and all sorts of other features.

Perhaps Betty and Barney Hill got it wrong, the "Grey" homeworld is in fact a planet much like this one.

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