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-Apple have always followed the timed obsolescence paradigm, well known and not unexpected in any way.

-Android Phones are not comparable with a general purpose OS designed for a x86/x64 based PC.

-Googles stance is once again not a surprise and unknown to their customers.

-Linux does not ship *working* on a set of hardware then out of choice of a developer *stops working* because of no other reason than 'because you can make it break'. (i.e. surely an embedded system stays working as the hardware does not change. Only if you choose to change the s/w and/or hardware will it possibly break.)

MS have chosen to stop the OS updating on a configuration that has previously worked or could reasonably be expected to work based on previous CPU's that have been used.

The CPU's are not incompatible with the basic x86/x64 instruction set and only if MS choose to use instructions in their s/w that are intended to 'mis-fire' on the new generation of CPU's to prove a point, will they be a problem. [Why would you build in such an issue by choice? I am sure Intel have been working with MS to create this problem/opportunity ..... win/win for both companies.!!!. Google are NOT the only company that can work with the chip makers.!!!]

MS is doing all this 'contrived nonsense' to evolve their customers to a image of the 'Apple model' with control over the OS, hardware and software with timed obsolescence as a control to keep the customers moving/buying all the time. PC's/Laptops etc last too long and the OS is too stable from a purchasing point of view. This keeps the 'handle cranking' by itself just like in the 'Apple scented garden' !!! :)

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