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True, and I'd not use it on a mobile (pay-per-byte) device. If you want to shovel a few megabytes of ads at me at home, and are okay with the fact that they'll all go to /dev/null, I'm OK with that.

It occurs to me that I don't know if this is a situation where I pay two cents to download El Reg ads, and El Reg profits by five cents. In which case, of course, if El Reg is willing to pay me three cents to do it, I'd be willing to scale it up so we can both profit.

I'm assuming I'm missing something. I'd expect somebody would have tried to implement something like this, just to provide a way to visit sites that insist you turn ad-blocking off (i.e., "oh, yeah, I'm taking all your ads... no need for you to know they're all getting binned.")

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