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it all depends on who's asking and why

if a Clinton was in office demanding this, there'd be almost outrage. it'd be all "common sense" and defenders saying anyone with issues were "bitter paranoid GOP rednecks". Like all the other privacy invading shite from the last Administration.

When Chump fades away and the Dems sweep the White House, all the same privacy invading crap will come through and the silence will be deafening. Except from partisan hacks on the other side anyway, but they're not the ones who own vast electronic social media empires so there's less Outrage being reported.

People are really comfortable with true universal surveillance as revealed by Snowden, there were no mass Outrage-fests, but Chump even blinks and its the Apocalypse. Social media outlets and electronic tech media are more obsessed about things Trump *says* than the Dems have *done*. When everyone with half a brain knows, what Trump says is pretty much negated by the next thing he says. Hell, he claims he's a successfull businessman still.....

Besides, many of you Trump haters are "snack-ist". As a fan of Cheetos type snacks I am offended and Outraged that you compare the two. Cheetos deserve Fairness!

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