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Actually people do not like being advertised to. Not the advert itself but the act of being advertised to.

Only adverts I do not mind internet wise are related to website adverts, which are served locally.

OK hobby forum website ads at the top of the screen, advertising new products I would like, or a service I would like. As an example why would I NOT like an advert for a new model railway loco on a model railway forum? New producer brings loco X out with no fanfare, no prior warning, lets see it!

Conversly why would my wife want an advert for something I bought last week from Ebay when she is on farcebook? She moans about it. Not my fault!

Now to real world, lets say magazines. I really find the amount of silly overpriced watch adverts in car magazines very annoying, I want to read about cars, not about overpriced portable clocks. The mix of advert and editorial is enough to stop me buying a magazine.

Now look at model magazines, pages upon pages of adverts, but guess what all readers read at least some of them. Because they are 100% relevant to the magazine, things we want to buy, things we play with.

Now what this says to me is I hate being advertised to, trying to sell me some sh1t I do not want. Yet adverts for relevant stuff if static (like in print) will get read.

As above I blame admongers not the manufacturers.

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