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"Can you pop around and fix my computer, it's broke. Again!"

"It's a full-time job keeping that Windows machine of yours running. Oh alright, as long as you come and pick me up"

"Yeah, no problem, I'll be round yours in ten minutes"


"That was a quick ten minutes"

"Sorry I'm desperate to get the PC fixed as I have emails and stuff to deal with"

"Well, you have webmail, so why not do your urgent work on my pc and I'll finish my cup of tea. Do you want a cuppa?"


"There, done. Thanks for that."

"Well let's get around to your place then and I'll install Linux on your PC"

"Whoa! Linux? No way. After ten years I've barely mastered Windows, you're not going to have me start all over again, learning new tricks"

"You've been merrily working away on a Linux machine for the past half hour"

"What? This is Linux?"

"Yes, and just like all my other friends, you're going onto Linux. If for no other reason, I have a life beyond being on permanent call-out to your blessed Windows computer"


Note to self. Stop installing Linux on friends computers, because you rarely hear from them after.

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