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Amen to the comments on highly objectionable "Payday loan" companies aka loan sharks. I would also include all the betting, particularly sports betting ads. They pay lip service to the idea of "responsible" gambling, but their business model, just like that of tobacco companies, is to target young people and get them addicted. Just as with the loan sharks, their primary demographic is lower-income people, they are simply preying on the most vulnerable.

With regards to charities, I absolutely hate the type of guilt-trips they try to foist on people, with all the high-definition close ups of people suffering. They only just stop short of outright saying "if you don't donate, you are personally responsible for all this suffering and death, you bastard", but the subtext is exactly that. Trying to guilt-trip me usually has the exact opposite effect, which is a pity because some of these charities ARE really for deserving causes.

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