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Chap 'fixes' Microsoft's Windows 7 and 8 update block on new CPUs

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lol, just lol.

Didn't think someone would formulate a fix this quickly.

It's crazy to see how much things have changed over the last two decades. With Win95/98, Windows seemed unstoppable as a desktop platform. Linux and other alternatives were niche players, the general perception was that the software wasn't good enough for general use, and if you put a Linux machine in front of a user they wouldn't be able to cope with the changes in interface. I tried SuSe in 2001 for the first time on an old PC and apart from the arcade games it came with, there was very little in the way of support for games on it.

Fast forward to now and Microsoft seem determined to destroy their own userbase with their imposed UI and telemetry changes, Valve's initial push for multi-platform seems to be slowly working with games, and browser/office software available for Linux is extensive and in some cases easier to use than Microsoft's Office suite. The perception of users has changed from what I've seen as well - the smartphone generation, comfortable with Android and iOS don't seem as insistent on Windows and can get to grips with most interfaces you put in front of them. I flattened the better half's netbook recently and put Debian on it for her (it crawled under Win7) and she's over the moon. Was expecting some complaints about things that were different or software that wasn't there, but none ever materialised.

I see Microsoft in real trouble here. A combination of their direction and their rivals catching up (or surpassing them) could shift their grip on the Desktop. I can forgive them the odd duff version (ME, Vista, 8) but this is different. They're imposing changes on users that aren't desired nor helpful. For me, the final straw has been the telemetry collection - if you could easily turn it off I'd (reluctantly) upgrade, but I have no interest in hacking through the registry and configuration of an OS where the next well-hidden update could turn it on without me being easily alerted. They're starting to alienate the bulk of their userbase - the user who isn't that familiar with Windows or how it works, but they use it because they're more familiar with it than any other OS. Like my non-techy parents, who had their shared laptop borked by a Win10 upgrade that was forced on them and couldn't be rolled back.

The only reason I keep Windows now is for games. Steam on Linux gives me access to about a third of my library at the moment (hopefully that will continue to slowly increase), I'm fortunate enough to be able to do all of my work on Debian or a Mac, the available Linux software is good enough for my needs. Think I'll be going Debian with my next PC build - probably dual boot with a carefully airgapped Windows 7 install for games that won't support Linux. If Microsoft keep this up, 7 will be the last domestic version of Windows I use.

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