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Some UK supermarkets now actively encourage customers to "pick your own" and bag it yourself, going so far as to supply handheld barcode scanners- I don't know quite how filling bags is any worse than putting a couple of bits in your pocket until you get to the checkout but apparently it is; they keep most people honest by having random checks where one of the few remaining staff has to rescan a number of items at random (that is, they are supposed to ferret around inside your bags rather than just grab stuff off the top - most people are smart enough to literally bury the evidence, but not all!).

Given my druthers I won't use those effing things because I believe that if I'm going to do the work of their staff then they should pay me - every cashier replaced with a self-service checkout is (a) more profit lining someone else's pockets and (b) another statistic on the Unemployment register - and for some of them, it's the only human conflict they get outside their immediate family or doorstepping god-botherers...

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