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Russian policy is strictly reciprocal

I remember when USA introduced a "processing fee" on Russian visa applications circa 1999. In less than 3 months they were facing each other at 500$ if memory serves me right. USA started at 100. Russians reciprocated, Americans got offended that someone else dares do what they do and replied to put it at $300, Russians set it at 300$ a day later and so on.

The issue is - the USAisian politicians have the mentality of an overweight toddler playground bully. Same mentality, demeanor, approach and looks like the character out of Ant Bully.

"I am BIG and YOU ARE SMALL" - as American as it can get.

If you reply in kind to them in their currency alone you get a wedgie, a bigger wedgie, and if necessary a bomb-into-stone-age wedgie. The only way to deal with that is the Ant Bully method - have them face a gang. They will back off. It is actually good for them - better that than ending up running into an Ender (that will not be good for the playground, err... Planet).

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