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A system manager/system admin should always be paranoid. I was laid off once and left to pack and leave by myself (they did have the other, surviving network admin disable my logins while I was meeting with the CIO, the first, last, and only time he ever spoke to me). I had to go by five managerial offices to even find someone at a management level to turn my keys over to, everyone else was either absent or behind closed doors. At another job, where I was also laid off, I had the full "Manager will escort you to your desk to get your things, and then out the door" treatment, *and* once as a contractor I wasn't even allowed to go to my desk after being told I was being let go - the contract recruiter went to get my things - I got most of them...just lost my cable-testing kit, which the recruiter said he "couldn't find". So, I've pretty much experienced the gamut. I'd never retaliate - beyond making rude hand gestures every time I drive past the building the company is in. Revenge might cause some stress for the few people involved in the decision to release me, but *everyone* employed there is impacted, including those I would count as work-friends.

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