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And not only that, you are allowed to come up with other ways to solve the same problem!

People who assume a patent on "Collision Avoidance Of Arbitrary Polygonal Obstacles" must have prior art, or be obvious, don't understand how patents work. You don't patent ideas, you patent a particular method of a general idea like "Collision Avoidance Of Arbitrary Polygonal Obstacles".

Of course, the lawyers always try to write patents in as general a manner as possible to cover multiple methods, so maybe a prior patent already covers the method(s) Apple's patent listed. If so, that's a question for a judge if one of those earlier patent holders sues Apple (if/when Apple comes out with a product that uses this patent, since you can only sue someone for infringement if they use one of your patents, not if they try to patent what you think is the same thing)

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