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Well, I'm neither bearded, young or a hipster (though I did play bongos briefly about 55 years ago, whilst smoking strange tobaccos)

And I run Win-10 In.Preview 16170 (the Redstone-3) on this desktop as well as the "standard" Win-10 on a laptop.

As well as Android x86-64 on this machine - but only to run a couple of apps that are sadly available only on Android and iCrap.

However, posting this from Ubuntu Mate 16.10 just to kick its tyres. Ugh.

Think I'll switch this partition back to Gnome! Mate is for old ladies. Indeed I WOULD recommend it to some "older" person who was wondering what to replace their XP with. Highly recommended to you folks here!

But- I spend most of my time on this machine in Win-10. I DO NOT see what all the fuss is about with all you old fuddy-duddies. OK, The Win-10 UI is SLIGHTLY different from XP or Win-7. So? Learn to navigate.

You geezers obviously have difficulties with anything "new". Still running Netscape 4.7?

Confession: As an elderly (semi-indigent) retiree, I have lots of time to fool around with OSs.

Wake me up when Linux replaces Windows on everyones' desktops/laptops. But be advised -I may not wake up- I don't have many years left.

And let me know when the dislike on this post hits 100. It's been so long!

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