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"Most companies track items via serial numbers "

Most of the ones I deal with don't. They use their asset numbering system. Except when they call us in for warranty repairs when they give us the make/model/serial. Then we turn up to fix it and the person who logged the call is out and no one else knows where it is and its "can you give us the asset number?"

Me: "No, you guys never log the asset number on a call, just the s/n"

Them: "Oh, we can;t search on that, we need the asset number"

Me: "Ok, give us a call when he comes back then, the bills in the post for the wasted time, bye"

Sometimes, that last makes them realise they can find it after all, but it takes a little more effort than they wanted to expend. Not as much effort as my 50-100 mile round trip and my time though.

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