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Nothing any employer did to me would be worth destroying my career over it, I would be harmed way more than the ex-employer. If they're outside the law, you can sue them and try to "get even" that way, through the courts. If they're just a badly-run company or something, just quit - there're other jobs. If you want to be emphatic, quit without notice...just cover yourself by creating a file with all the passwords and leave a printout somewhere visible - don't give them a chance to claim you stole the passwords. Don't be petty and make them ask, either. You want to be able to show future employers you were professional, but just got pushed to the point you couldn't stand another day, let alone two weeks...if you play childish games, you only hurt yourself.

Back to the story...the logic bomb went off, blew away some bits...but are there no backups of the data? Seems weird they'd have such a big loss unless they're extremely sloppy - or are just trying to put the screws to the guy while they have the chance.

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