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Hi Keith,

I'm not sure if this reply will get through because I'm not sure if el reg wll let post urls, but the policy list subscription info can be found at:

The actual list archives can be found at:

It's been an interesting debate so far - and for the most part has stayed on topic - obviously you have some of the normal trolls who in the absence of things to say about the policy have gone on random attacks against whoever they can aim them at to detract from the actual issue under discussion - but by and large the feedback has been useful, and will allow for potential edits to the policy that are more in line with the community thinking.

Obviously the authors welcome any feedback and constructive criticism so that we can better produce the next draft and get to something that we hope will find support at the Nairobi meeting. As per Alan's statement in the comments above btw - the next meeting is in Nairobi not Botswana! :)

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