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Andrew, thanks for that sober and sensible response. Would that all comments on El Reg and elsewhere were like this ;-)

I was minded to try and comment, but cannot find a way: "it's on the lists, and details of those lists can be found on the AFRINIC website". Where? I can find the board statement, that is all.

Assuming the registry has details of allocations by organization, it is presumably possible to determine which blocks are allocated to government departments in a country. Some of these will be providing essential services, such as health, but it would presumably be possible to withdraw allocations from more contentious arms of government? That way, you inconvenience the perpetrators with minimum disruption to the general public.

Could be a very useful tool to persuade some more "advanced" governments to behave (Russia and China spring to mind).

I'm in the UK, so this won't affect me. Yet. I am now waiting for a gentleman from GCHQ to contact me--.

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