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Half-baked security: Hackers can hijack your smart Aga oven 'with a text message'


True Sloane Range-r

First thought was why and how do you i-control something that takes a day to get to working temperature? Then I read it's electric, and thought ouch that's going to cost a bit to leave running 24/7 but still Agas don't really have a 'stat as such.*

Then I see it draws 30A, so basically a very f@#cking heavy, and enormously expensive cast iron shell around an electric oven for the Chelsea Tractor driving mummies "in town" so they can look the part. Hack away, well text away, my friends, text away!

*To our friends across the water Agas are traditionally solid fuel or oil, they are cast iron, sectional, built in situ and filled with insulation. With a built-in hot water boiler to use some of the excess heat. The idea being they run at a working temperature 24/7

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